About Us

The journey of Clever Chef started in 2010. Two friends had a vision: Let’s spread happiness by turning our everyday job into a recipe blog in which we will share our latest recipes with everyone. We always knew that after a long day, last thing everyone wants to do is figuring out what to cook? Combining our expertise and part of our free time, we wanted to help you with that issue.

After the blog, we started our website and by doing so, our team grew in numbers and now we share recipes daily. Our instructions are combination of experience, creativity and love for the kitchen. We‘re making sure that all ingredients are fresh, organic and bought from a local market, which is something we strongly suggest you do too. Using vast variety of appliences as well as usual cooking techniques we are trying to make your cooking as easiest as possible.

Everyone from our team is here at your disposal because advice from a proffesional is something that money can’t buy, or can, but we don’t charge for that.
Thank you for following us and make sure that you check our daily recipes, and of course, feel free to ask anything.

Let’s cook some delicious things together.

Here is the team behind Clever Chef:

Maya Clipps, Founder and cornerstone of Clever Chef Team. Deserts are her thing and no one can come between her and her cakes and pastry. Nevertheless she’s specialized in deserts, her cooking abilities are far beyond that segment only, and by her side all of the chefs in our team improved their skills massively. Follow her recipes and you’ll understand what we mean.

Gavin Carraway, joined Clever Chef very early and now he is our leading recipe creator. Gavin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts. He’s the prime suspect of our team‘s interest in recipes which includes Slow cooker, Multi cooker and Instant pot. Like his laid back personality, he’s a pure talent for slow cooking but also for making cocktails, esspecially after his favorite way of relaxing after work, long swimming sessions. He always cooks for our team and if you‘re eager for delicious food, be sure to follow his recipes.

Mike Pirano, chef who is specialized in Italian cuisine. Throught his travels accros all regions of Italy he mastered vast viriety of pasta dishes. Besides his undisputed cooking skills, his sence of humor is something that gets us all going every single day. His love of football and wine is now well known, but exact ingrediens of his marinara sauce is something he will not share with anyone.

Betty Madden is a young and promising chef. Betty studied Botanical Arts and during her studies she joined a student‘s organization where she fell in love with cooking. Various student activities provided her with an opportunity to get her first job while still on college. She used to cook in a local restourant and after some time she continued exploring practical applications of the knowledge she gained and quickly got in touch with Clever Chef Team. She’stireless and always eager to expand her culinaty skills.

Vickie Brinkman, youngest member of our the team. One of the points of her interests are diet plans and healty food recepies which always follow popular trends. Vickie tends to pay a lot of attention to details during the discovery and research phase, making her one of the most thorough chefs in Clever Chef team. Recently, she got into growing organic vegetables and flavoring herbs that she uses for our tasty recepies.